As mentioned in today’s open, born in the Year of the Snake, Taylor Swift’s luck is on average this year. Taylor Swift will never, ever be out of luck. And the system has set it up so that Taylor Swift is capable of harvesting her luck better than others. What, then, does a “luck harvest” for Taylor look like?

USA Today interviewed several people in the industry for an article this morning about whether or not Taylor’s “good girl rep has been frayed” by the Day Of The Receipts. Everyone agrees across the board that, again, she’s going to be FINE. Nobody needs to fret about whether or not Taylor Swift can make it through this mess. She’s already made it through.

But there’s a difference between making it through and turning it to her advantage. And what would be most interesting about this situation is if Taylor were to turn it to her advantage as a reinvention. Up to this point, and still yesterday with her Instagram defence, Taylor’s played the innocent, always innocent, always infallible in every situation. As Vulture argued yesterday though, innocence is “nothing more or less than the price of fame”. Taylor Swift is too famous to be innocent now. And Kanye West and his wife’s machinations have made it so that her image of innocence is no longer tenable. Just like it became untenable a few years ago to repeatedly express shock and “oh my gosh” when she was winning awards at awards shows.

Instead of seeing that as a setback, however, isn’t it instead even more…freeing? Vulture notes that this situation has offered Taylor “a chance for her to abandon a posture which has increasingly limited her range and interest as an artist”.

This is an exciting possibility. Think about movies and television and the interesting characters – they’re never “innocent”. They’re complicated and frustratingly flawed. And that’s why you can’t take them places in the story. Otherwise, there would be nowhere to go. So, for Taylor, there’s potential here, if she can find it. Not only in terms of her image but also for her life. 

But first…

The overexposure has to be addressed. Taylor said it herself in that recorded conversation with Kanye West. She was aware that she was nearing the point of overexposure. We are WAY beyond that now. Part of it is thanks to the Wests, but before that, most of it was her own doing. The super public flaunting of the new relationship. And all that culminating in #Taymerica – photos that she and her friends shared themselves on their social media accounts. It’s time for a pullback. It’s time to make us miss her. The most successful stars understand this. The importance of being missed. If, like I said yesterday, she can help herself.

Comic-Con starts this week.  Tom is expected to attend. I mean, does she stay in Australia and wait for him to come back? Is that when she returns to the States, after a week with him? Or…will Swoki be in San Diego?