A wild rare Winona Ryder appears. She's promoting Experimenter at Sundance, alongside Peter Sarsgaard and Kellan Lutz Wearing Glasses—Kellan Lutz Wearing Glasses is the new Kellan Lutz In A Tree. Anyway, back to the only one who matters, Winona. She's beautiful and That Face and Experimenter is getting good reviews, which is most pleasing. I like it when there's potential to see more of Winona.

And we might be seeing her in Beetlejuice 2, which she says is “gonna happen”. I LOVED Beetlejuice as a kid—I used to freak my mom out pretending to be Lydia by moping in corners and talking to imaginary ghosts in the walls. It’s important to note that there are no real details, though. Certainly there is talk about it—Tim Burton was talking about it as recently as December—but there are no firm commitments. Burton will do it if Michael Keaton will come back, Keaton will do it if Burton is in, Winona will show up if someone calls her. They’re all willing, fine, but who is actually pushing this through? It says a lot that it’s always talked about in terms of someone else doing something. Everyone’s willing to revisit it, but is anyone actually willing to MAKE it?

Shhh, Sarah, shhh. Let us simply gaze upon Winona and wait for the mystery of her eyes to reveal to us the true nature of life, the universe, and everything.