My beauty, my beauty, my beauty…

My great love, our great love, Winona Ryder.

You’re right, Alexis. At 41 now, it’s the best she’s looked in years. And thank you for your email.

Winona’s been on a good streak for a while now. Click here and here and here to track the last 6 months.

Here’s a very present Winona Ryder last night in New York for the premiere of Disconnect. God, those eyes. Those eyes. Are clear and wide and as beguiling as they’ve ever been. And, strangely, for some reason, she reminds me here, a little, of the Jolie. Angles, skin tone, lips, something?

I would agree to have a baby if the Jolie and Winona Ryder made another movie together. Well now that’s a weird one. Do you Gossip Genie that, or not?