The FIFA World Cup opening ceremony is happening right now. Teams have been arriving through the week. I wrote earlier in the Brange article about the Athlete Group Suit Shot, remember? How hot it is when they travel in business attire en masse and how I’d take this any time over athletes in underwear?

Well now we have an examples. Of how to do it and how not to do it.

Spain and England decided on sportswear. Underwhelming. That’s why I decided not to spend too much money on their pictures. Unfortunately. Because normally, when it comes to the World Cup, I’m with Spain and England much more than I’m with Italy and Germany.

Except, well, Italy and Germany, at least on travel style, did it so much better. The Germans matched their suede belts and shoes but Italy, of course, did it the best.

You see what I mean when I said earlier how hot it is “to see them walking in a group, sometimes with their headphones on, in their custom cut suits and their game faces on”? Look at that Italian team. Look at Balotelli. Look at Bonucci. Believe me, I don’t enjoy saying this (because my Italian friends get so loud and screechy about their team, I swear – what’s up Laura, Lorella?) But it’s undeniable. This is SHARP.

Someone needs to YouTube a compilation of these across disciplines – basketball, hockey, football, all of it.