Zac Efron was front and centre at the Laker game the other night. And he had a girl with him. So that’s what we’re talking about now. We’re not supposed to talk about how he randomly showed up under a Los Angeles bridge and got his ass beat by some vagrants in a shady part of town known for drugs and gangs. We’re not supposed to talk about rehab and his friends worrying that he’s using again and why he mysteriously slips on water at his home and has to have his jaw locked down.

Oh romance. The great diversion.

Her name is Halston Sage. (And yes, I would love to let Duana loose on that name.) They worked together on the upcoming moving Neighbours. Here’s a shot of them kissing onset:

You will wonder, naturally, if they are dating. You will not worry about whether or not it’s a good idea that she might be dating someone who still has to sort out some serious issues. What issues? Zac is watching basketball. Zac is also starring in and producing a John Grisham movie. They’re adapting The Associate. Right now it’s early, early, early. They don’t even have a writer yet. So they still have to get a script in shape before they can even take it anywhere for funding. But since the project has been announced, they need to make sure there’s confidence in Zac’s star power and influence. They need to protect his reputation. They need to make sure you think he’s still viable, not unreliable, not irresponsible, not the sort who ends up at the bridge because his car stalled and he was waiting for a boost. Getting better is obviously not the priority.