A video has been blowing up the blogs today of Zac Efron apparently dropping a condom on the red carpet when trying to hand something to a publicist-type at the photo wall at The Lorax premiere the other day.

As you can see, not only does it fall on the ground, he then almost seems to go out of his way to look embarrassed and amused by what happened, so as to draw even more attention to it.

Way to be cool, Pretty, way to be chill.

Efron is currently dating Lily Collins. PEOPLE even reported it so it must be true. Conveniently Collins’s Mirror Mirror is due out in a month though I’m not sure, given the Snow Whiteness of the subject matter, whether or not Zac’s little accident will actually help her. It could certainly help him. Or at least they think it will.

His next release is called The Lucky One, due out in April. A Nicholas Sparks movie. Zac plays Logan. And Logans are MEN. Logans are the kind of men who drive trucks and sweat but don’t smell; a Logan is tough, but he also reads books. Needless to say, Logan is also, OF COURSE, very skilled at the sex. (I really hate how Sparks writes a male character; it’s almost as though he subtly makes his leading ladies the villains.) So the person in the Logan role, obviously, has to be believable as someone who knows about the sex. From this incident then, please be aware that that Zac Efron knows about the sex and practises it safely.