Not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting much from Zayn Malik going solo. Didn’t think he’d be the Justin Timberlake of One Direction. He may still not be the one. But he’s giving it a really, really strong start.

Zayn’s first single as a solo artist has been released. It’s called Pillowtalk. It’s good. It’s SO good. It’s all I’ve listened to all morning. It gets better and better and better. It’s also MTFT. Did you use this acronym growing up? That’s what we used to called Jodeci – Music To F-ck To. Goddamn.

I’m not comparing Zayn Malik to Jodeci. That’s blasphemy. But I am saying Pillowtalk is a song to get down and grind to. Which is what he’s been doing with Gigi Hadid. In real life and in the video too.

As you know, I’ve been perving on these two for a couple of months now. Seeing it in action is making it worse. They’re CRAZY hot together. And also really cute. But she’s better in the video than he is. When he’s in scenes with her, it’s amazing. When he’s on his own? He’s still not there yet. He either looks bored or like he’s trying too hard to look like he’s not trying too hard. Can you see it? Justin Bieber’s done this lately too – lipsynching in videos by barely moving his mouth.

In the place that feels the tears
The place to lose your fears

Give me some life when you’re singing to camera on those lyrics! They’re good lyrics!

Like I get that he wants to be the coolness but when he’s giving me dead-eyes, I’m not exactly getting on the ride, you know? Unless, of course, Gigi’s there. Which is when Zayn comes alive. Maybe that’s deliberate. Or, maybe, it’s Gigi.

Because even though Zayn has delivered here, Gigi’s the one who’s been carrying him on her momentum up to this point. Pillowtalk is landing with a lot more force given that he’s been occupying the spotlight with her for the last several weeks. This is a strong, strong debut. I’m f-cking obsessed.

Also attached - Gigi arriving at LAX yesterday.