This Vionnet dress that Zoe Saldana wore to the UK premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in London last night is sick. Like, spectacular. And few could wear it as well as she can.

Saldana has been killing it on this press tour. There was a Balmain a few days ago -- one of her go-to favourites -- that was also ridiculously amazing. But Dress Porn is not just a frivolous pastime. Dress Porn  sells movies. Dress Porn is actually part of the business of selling movies these days. Dress Porn is now a marketing strategy. So if we’re discussing Hollywood as an economy, Dress Porn has a very real and significant place in the conversation.

Saldana and her stylist Petra Flannery were recently featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Stylist Issue and she articulated the importance of Dress Porn both for the benefit of the film and her career:

“We’ve managed to convince a lot of directors who now have respect for what we put together and for Petra’s essential place in a huge press tour like Star Trek or Avatar.” When Saldana takes a memorable turn on the carpet, “Those directors are like, ‘Oh my God, Petra really knocked it out of the ball park,’ and you’re like, ‘Yeah, she did.’ She killed it, which is very important for me and for her and for selling a movie.”

So ... there’s the audition, and then there’s the Dress Porn. You can bring it at the audition but can you bring the Dress Porn? Dress Porn has now become a value-add. It’s maybe why one actress gets the part over the other. And you can see it on display as Zoe works it around the world for Star Trek on May 17.