Wait, what? You had me at “soccer player” and “biting penis”. This actually happened during a game, requiring 12 stitches. Which means there will be a scar. Which means that at some point, this person is going to be telling the story of the time he was playing a soccer game and his penis got attacked by someone else’s teeth. (Dlisted) 

Imagine going shopping and bringing a bucket of fried chicken in with you? I feel like regular people would be told to f-ck off because they’d want to protect the expensive clothes. I have some logistical questions though about this Kim K West video. In one shot she’s trying on a dress while Kanye is eating KFC. Then she and Kanye are at the KFC counter again and she’s wearing that same dress. So… did they go back to KFC for another order? Are we supposed to believe that she actually ate the KFC?  (Cele|bitchy) 

Super into the old timey-ness of the new Erdem collection, especially the coats. This is totally my jam – not very body con, defined shoulders, very tea party. But with a thoroughly modern attitude. Maybe too modern for Katy Cambridge? (Go Fug Yourself) 
This is a really great question! What happened to Edward Burns? Everyone in Hollywood had a boner for him in the 90s with The Brothers McMullen. I was always into him because of Christy Turlington. Bono walked her down the aisle at their wedding! (Pajiba) 

Oh please. This is a setup. The woman singing “Shallow” in the subway – have you seen this yet? You know how you know? Because her hair is PERFECT. Like the perfect blowout. And the makeup. But, yes, great stunt. Deserving of the shine. (Buzzfeed)