*This is your official spoiler alert. There WILL be heavy plot reveals throughout so keep that in mind before reading this post!*


It might sound repetitive to those who have been keeping up with these posts, but this week’s episode of Euphoria had me forgetting to breathe because, WOW.

There was an eerie feeling that loomed over Twitter before it aired because we all knew something big was about to happen. There were reports about how intense/epic/wild episode five was going to be and talks about it landing Zendaya another Emmy.

I saw this tweet about a stunt double 45 minutes before the episode and that’s when my heart really started pounding in anticipation because why would Rue need a stunt double??? (hindsight is 20/20, my friends).

After watching it, I GET it. The rawness, moments of stillness, eerie lighting, impressive stunt sequences, AMAZING acting, and soundtrack came together in such a powerful way that I wondered if Twitter would be able to come up with funny tweets for it. Thankfully it did, because I think we all need a laugh after that emotional cardio.

Here are my favourite tweets from this week’s episode “Stand Still Like the Hummingbird.”

Intervention I


Poor Gia

Intervention II


Rue, The Fast, and The Furious 


Rue at Fez’s Place

You know Rue is down bad when she goes to Laurie

…but how does Rue get herself out of these situations??


Final Thoughts 

In other Euphoria news, season three is confirmed! Hooray! I’ve seen some talk about how season two has had bad writing, bad editing, and is overrated in general, but that’s all just noise to me. When a show gets as big as this, there will always e people that find it fun to have a hot take. And it’s also totally valid to say the show isn’t for you. But as someone who has been watching the show since the premiere of the pilot, I have been thoroughly enjoying the new vibe season two has brought while also keeping the spirit of why it got so popular in the first place. 

Here’s to hoping that season three Rue makes some better decisions. 

I'll be here next week in the same place and around the same time! 

P.S. In the trailer for next week MADDY IS HOLDING THE TAPE !!! AHHHH !!!

Attached - Sydney Sweeny out in LA this weekend for a photo shoot.