PEOPLE broke the news yesterday– and not because of paparazzi photos but through sourcing: Trevor Noah and Minka Kelly are dating. And, according to PEOPLE’s source, “it’s a very serious relationship”. Other entertainment outlets soon followed with Us Weekly noting that the two follow each other on Instagram and like each other’s posts. E! News had more to go on, citing a source who says that Minka’s been in staying with Trevor in New York for months which is one of the reasons why they’ve been able to keep it undercover. But also a sign that it is indeed serious – as we’ve seen in civilian life too, living together is no joke. 


Minka hasn’t posted too many shots of herself on IG during the pandemic. She’s used her platform instead to support Black Lives Matter and encouraging people to vote. There are a few selfies here and there but by IG standards, it’s been low on thirst for months. So it would seem that this is how they wanted to keep it, until whoever source decided to let PEOPLE know. Makes me wonder whether or not this source is someone who happened to see them and not a strategic leak. And if so, whether or not this will just make lock it down even more. 

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has been nominated for six Emmys. In the Variety Talk Series category, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has won four years in a row. There are some who think that it’s Noah’s time now. He and the show have been delivering their best work this year during the pandemic and the civil unrest after the killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and so many more including, most recently, the shooting by police of Jacob Blake. 


I’m still getting messages from people who think telling me about this and that about Jacob Blake or George Floyd somehow justifies the repeated shooting of Black people by police. As Trevor said back in June, people are twisting themselves into the “ifs” to rationalise what is plainly racism. So if you haven’t already, here are his thoughts on Rayshard Brooks who was killed by police after falling asleep at a drive-thru.