Speaking of peaceful transfers of power…

There were reports earlier this week that Queen Elizabeth will step down next year when she turns 95 and hand the crown over to Prince Charles. Robert Jobson was interviewed on The Royal Beat a few days ago and maintained his position that “I still firmly believe when the Queen becomes 95, that she will step down”.   


People have been speculating about this for a while now. It’s obviously possible. But I also think it’s interesting that this is coming from Robert Jobson. He was the one who published the Prince Charles biography celebrating his 70th birthday. The book came out in 2018 and included all kinds of insider information about Charles and his relationship with his sons and it was in the leadup to Charles’s 70th birthday and the details that came out from this book that the tensions between Charles, William, and Harry bubbled to the surface publicly, precipitating a year of relentless scrutiny that culminated in Harry and Meghan stepping down as senior members of the British royal family. Robert Jobson’s book seemed to be softly sanctioned by Clarence. He covered the Prince of Wales over a number of months, he was granted access to observe him, to get to know him. So it’s not surprising that the book presented a favourable portrait of the future king, perhaps at the expense of his sons. 


My point is that Robert Jobson for sure has connections. A relationship with people in a position to provide a certain kind of narrative. This particular narrative about the Queen abdicating…

Who does it serve? 

We’ve all known for our entire lifetimes, really, that Charles has been waiting. And we have been seeing, over the course of the last couple of years especially, the games that are played behind the walls of the palace between households, between aides, how alliances are formed and broken and reformed. How courtiers use the media to advance their agendas depending on who they’re loyal to. 

We started the week talking about the reveal that Prince William had coronavirus back in April. While that was making headlines, Robert Jobson is out here talking about his father’s imminent rise to the throne. Coincidence or conspiracy?