Over the last few months, Adele has been linked to Skepta. The British tabloids have been reporting on it since at least the summer and yesterday, PEOPLE reported that “things have been heating up” between them. They’ve known each other for a few years and apparently have mutual friends in London. So if PEOPLE is on it, does that mean that it’s true?


After PEOPLE’s article came out, Adele posted on Instagram: 

It’s the word “single” in parentheses that is standing out because of the timing. Is that too subtle to qualify as a denial? Or just subtle enough to not make a big deal out of it? Well, since nuance is dead these days, I’m not sure that this will do. It’s very much open to interpretation. My interpretation is that I thought she was spending most of her time in the US these days so I’m not sure how often she and Skepta are seeing each other. If they hook up whenever she’s in London for short visits…well… yeah. But is it exclusive? 


While her romantic status remains unclear, what is clear is that there will not be new music from Adele in 2020 in spite of the incessant reporting otherwise. She signs off by saying she’s done for the year and I feel like she means it. She doesn’t post often on IG and if she has nothing planned to share, she’ll go back underground until 2021. 

So while we have her, let’s talk about the rest of her message. She shouts out Maya Rudolph and “Lindsay”…Shookus? There’s only one Lindsay prominently associated with Saturday Night Live and that would be Lindsay Shookus, known by the gossip world for her past relationship with Ben Affleck. She and Adele are obviously super tight now if Adele’s namechecking her publicly on Instagram. Adele celebrity and celebrity-adjacent friend circle keeps growing and growing.