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Last Friday, Adele showed up in New York at a gay bar with Jennifer Lawrence. When I wrote about that earlier this week I wondered if she was just in town for her friend Jen, or whether or not there was work to do. 

Well, here she is, still in NYC, heading into a recording studio yesterday. Now there are rumours that she’s putting the final touches on a new album and that they’re already working on photo shoots. I don’t want to get too excited but 2019 could definitely use some Adele. 

But it’s not just business. Adele, as we know, is always down to play. Last night she ended up the Boom Boom Room and started dancing with strangers to Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dreams”. Apparently she wanted people to get into the choreography from the video with her: 

On brand. Adele has always been Beyoncé’s biggest fangirl. Remember Beychella? Adele losing her sh-t, along with the rest of us, during Beychella

You know who else is a Beyoncé fan? A member of the Beyhive? Coach K. That would be Mike Krzyzewski, the legendary coach of the Duke Blue Devils, whose last name, the most Polish name ever (I’m married to a Pole who also has several S and Z and C and Z combinations in his last name), passes the Word spell-check, that’s what a big deal he is. (Thanks Regan!) 

So even basketball coaches are using Beyoncé’s work ethic to motivate their players now. And by the way, Coach K has fangirled Beyoncé before too. It was back in 2012 at the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Awards where he presented to LeBron James. He really, really wanted to meet her – this is how he remembers it

"I went up and said ‘I’m Coach K’ and she says ‘I just heard you speak for 10 minutes. I know who you are.’ So I felt like 13, and then I asked her — something I hardly ever ask anyone to do — would you please take a picture with me?”

Coach K got his picture. And remember, this is BEFORE self-titled. It was BEFORE Lemonade. And Beychella. Can you imagine how he feels about her now? 


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