Adele is going to make bank with her Vegas residency. I wonder which is more lucrative, a Vegas residency or a worldwide tour? The tour seems like it would have way more overhead, but the Vegas theaters are a lot smaller than the stadiums and arenas that make up touring venues for artists of Adele’s caliber. Does it come out even the end? Has anyone done the math on this? (DListed)


Shalita Grant, star of You, shares her story of hair trauma on NCIS: New Orleans and the need for more Black hairstylists in the industry, and in the world, in general. It’s not enough to know what products to recommend, stylists need to know how to handle the actual hair, and that means teaching cosmetologists about natural hair, and for productions in the film industry to invest in proper hair care for Black actors. (Popsugar)

Fits and lewks from the MacGruber series premiere. I LOVE Kristen Wiig’s blonde pixie. (Go Fug Yourself)

There is a LOT of sh-t talk flying around nerdy corners of the industry about what, exactly, is the state of Letitia Wright’s relationship with Marvel. Eventually, Wakanda Forever is going to get finished, but if Wright continues portraying Shuri after that… (Celebitchy)

Geraldine DeRuiter and her friends went to Bros, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Lecce, Italy and proceeded to have one of the worst dining experiences you, or I, or anyone has ever heard of. I absolutely lost it when she got to the part about licking citrus foam from a plaster cast of the chef’s mouth. There are PICTURES, and they’re HORRIFYING. (Everywhereist)