Every three or four months or so someone tries to start a rumour that new music from Adele is forthcoming. Adele said herself at a wedding that the album would be released September 2020 – but that was before the pandemic. And she’s since made clear that those plans, if they really even were real plans, were not moving forward. 


But some curious developments this weekend that could mean something or mean nothing. First, her website went down for a few minutes for upgrades:



That’s all we got. Literally that’s all. But it was enough to get “Adele” trending worldwide last night because people desperately want Adele to put music to their feelings. Is it possible then? After so many stops and starts and rumours that don’t come to fruition, will Adele actually drop an album in the f-cksh-t that is 2020?

The fact that this is coming out of radio is making me consider this, more than I would if it was say the UK Sun reporting it. Because Adele up to this point has continued to follow a conventional template for music releases. She hasn’t yet done a surprise drop the way so many other artists have released music. She’s the biggest artist who adheres closest to old school music industry processes. Taylor Swift too, until forklore. Radio is still very much traditional music release strategy. And if radio is getting the tip, that kinda tracks. Unless she too starts moving away from how she used to do it. 

Or, you know, this could be all bullsh-t again. What’s your gut saying?