Alan Rickman’s diaries are being published next month, and he discusses potentially leaving the Harry Potter movies mid-go. At this point, that’s the role most people know him for—yes, Die Hard fans, I am saying Harry Potter eclipsed Hans Gruber in pop culture currency—so I hope the full passage within the book illuminates why he wanted out. Let’s be honest, the first two HP movies weren’t very good (Prisoner of Azkaban was a massive leap forward that shifted the bar for the rest of the movies), and Snape was a pretty basic sneering villain. Was he just bored of it after two movies? I want to know more! I guess that means I’m reading Alan Rickman’s diaries next month. (Celebitchy)


Those nerds at NASA smashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to test an asteroid-defense system straight out of Armageddon. NASA is on a roll lately, what with this and all the cool images from the James Webb Telescope. But why are they trying to STOP asteroids from slamming into Earth? Have they not seen all the memes? We want the asteroid! Bring on the asteroid! (DListed)

Ana de Armas has been wearing Louis Vuitton on her press tour for Blonde (the movie doesn’t deserve her! Ugh!), and the collaboration continues to be GREAT. As Lainey has said, Ana really pulled out the stops for this one, and it’s paying off in many memorable fashion moments. I really love the gold crop top and split skirt from the San Sebastian Film Festival’s red carpet. Feels like a nod to Marilyn Monroe’s famous gold lame gown from Gentleman Prefer Blondes but updated for 2022. (Go Fug Yourself)

Hannah Gadsby had her international breakout moment when her one-woman show—referred to as “stand-up comedy” but it’s really more of a scripted performance akin to what John Leguizamo does on stage—Nanette premiered on Netflix. After her Netflix success, which includes the recording of her off-Broadway show, Douglas, though, Gadsby called Netflix an “amoral algorithm cult” at the height of the backlash against Dave Chappelle’s increasingly transphobic specials continued to be supported on the platform. Well, that hasn’t stopped Gadsby from re-upping with Netflix, signing a new deal that not only brings her next show to the platform, but also gives her a new show in which she will host a line-up of genderqueer comedians. Netflix absolutely will use this as evidence of their “both sides” approach the next time the anti-trans rhetoric flares up, but at least Gadsby is using her microphone to amplify the voices of people still struggling to get a foothold in mainstream comedy. (Pajiba)


Elizabeth Chambers, estranged wife of Armie Hammer, allegedly used a now-former friend’s email account to leak damaging stories about Hammer, including that accusation that he “abandoned” his family in Grand Cayman to frolic with his Rebecca co-star, Lily James. Chambers kept up the leaks even as survivors of Hammer’s alleged abuse and manipulation were leaking texts and DMs of their own. Because of that, media outlets had plenty to report on, so it’s not clear, beyond the manufactured rumor about Lily James, what information that Chambers allegedly leaked was actually used in reporting about Hammer. But it does sound like Chambers encouraged Effie, one of Hammer’s survivors, to come forward with her story, which was a big part in Hammer’s fall from grace. Very interesting. (CNN)