As I’m writing this, Jennifer Lopez is getting ready. Hair and makeup have already started. There will likely be several changes. It’s the MTV VMAs tonight, where she will perform and receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Last week, I posted about JLo’s countdown, remembering some of her most iconic videos. And, of course, perhaps her most iconic video – this just went up yesterday – Jenny From the Block: 


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There he is. There they are. Bennifer, the original. Note thought the clip she chose? Ben’s face is mostly in shadow. Like, we all know the video top to bottom, side to side at this point. There are several clearer shots of Ben Affleck in this video. But not today, Ben. Not today. Not anymore. JLo’s found her best hype man. Ben wasn’t much of a hype man. He increasingly, as their relationship progressed, seemed more and more sheepish and embarrassed. With Marc Anthony, you could sense that ego simmering just underneath the surface. 

Alex Rodriguez, however, has been posting more about JLo’s Vanguard than she has herself. It’s all over his stories and his feed, including this, from rehearsals, where he’s acting as stage crew and wannabe backup dancer: 


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Um, interesting choice of song? Why wouldn’t he choose one of HER songs?!?

You are charmed by this though, aren’t you? I know you are because I catch myself in moments not hating it either, even though I know, we all know, he’s loving the f-ck out of the piece of the spotlight that coming to him by association with her. How much of the spotlight is he getting tonight? Predict the number of cutaways to him during the show.

Attached – JLo and ARod in New York this weekend.