As Maria mentioned yesterday in Smutty Social Media, as we approach the MTV VMAs, where she will be presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Jennifer Lopez has been counting down memories from some of her most memorable music videos with details from when she was shooting them and background on some of the scenes/styling. Three days ago she posted about “Waiting for Tonight”. Then it was “I’m Real”:


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I f-cking love this video. Remember when we dressed like that? Remember “Juicy”? Is she… kinda taking credit for Juicy Couture? I’m not mad at it but I do feel bad for Ashanti. That said, JLo’s pink Juicy is basically why she’s getting the Vanguard. I mean, not that outfit, specifically, but as part of an aesthetic, demonstrating the impact of music videos on the culture. We all know that Juicy look, the look that none of us could escape during that era. And she has so many of them: Heeled Timberlands and so many hair options. I copy the half-up hairstyle she wears in the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” video all the time. 

The latest video retrospective at the time of this writing is for “On the Floor”. This is a song I have to have on a running playlist. When it comes on, it gives me an extra gear. Note what she says though about how “they gave us no money to make this video”. Girl is throwing down receipts with her Vanguard. What else is she saving up? And, again, when it’s time for "Jenny From the Block", will she or won’t she address the Ben-elephant in the room? (Sorry! I couldn’t help it!)

Here’s JLo yesterday with Alex Rodriguez in New York. How many cutaways are we going to see of him in the front row on Monday night during her performance?