A Nancy Meyers’ rom-com set in Martha’s Vineyard starring Jenny Slate would be dream. Can you imagine the kitchen?! Jenny has written the treatment and factored in her own re-casting. (PS: The island Romeo should be the best man who recently, but not too recently, went through a divorce and Jenny is a very busy business woman handling her business and they both want a one-night stand but end up falling in love.)


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JLo is doing little retrospectives of her videos leading up to the VMAs Video Vanguard Award – when will she cover "Jenny From the Block"? I would very much like to know the behind-the-scenes details of filming that video. In the montage she posted, clips from it are included – just not any of the Ben parts. 


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As Lainey wrote yesterday, the Beckhams are reportedly appearing together in British Vogue and this is where a lot of the strife rumours have come from. I have no idea why anyone thinks David would not be into appearing in Vogue, especially considering Edward Enninful has attended events for David’s line, Kent & Curwen. Do you think Edward, a prestigious editor who has galvanized the Vogue brand, needs to attend a fashion show for a line David Beckham is invested in? For all of them its relationship building – and between the Beckhams, it is Victoria who has much more clout in the fashion world. That being said, David’s vacation posts haven’t included any photos or videos of Victoria. Maybe they are saving up for the cover. Or she’s having a proper break. A reader called Jessica sent me an interesting theory: what if she’s on vacation and doesn’t want to wear makeup or dress up? Posh doesn’t do casual, not even for a walk from the hotel to the car, so maybe this is her time to really relax. 


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Real question: Why isn’t Billy Eichner hosting the Emmys?

I’m with Luna. Roasting marshmallows is ok (but why eat something that basically has to catch on fire to taste good for 10 seconds before it hardens into pure sugar). Or maybe they were making s’mores, which suck. How did a cracker sandwich with hard chocolate and a soft marshmallow become the outdoor dessert of choice?


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Angela from The Office is one of the greatest comedic antagonists ever. And every office has an Angela, the one who takes the party planning committee very seriously and sends angry emails about cleaning out the fridge. Real-life Angela seems pretty chill and happy, but she would like her nephew to leave her out of his Tinder narrative. She did not hesitate to expose his f-ckery. (Click on the photos to enlarge.) His profile is so douchey – who would swipe right on “you can call me a fireman cause I turn the hoes on” with an emoji for emphasis.