You’ve seen the headlines right? “Man’s greatest fear: going bald!” This is true life at my house. Jacek’s hair looks the same to me and he’s generally a pretty chill guy. But I can see him stressing about it, pointing to the corners, all angsty about his hair. And on the vain scale, this is a person who ranks pretty low. Evidence: he only wears Under Armour. I keep saying to him, why do you care about your hair so much when you basically dress like sh-t all day and every day? Somehow he can make the distinction.

Anyway here’s what Alexander Skarsgard did to his hair for a role. And it’s not like he’s Mark Ruffalo or Patrick Dempsey. Alexander Skarsgard isn’t exactly known for his hair anyway. But having hair certainly helped. We now know that Alexander Skarsgard may not have an ideal head for baldness, like, for example, Bruce Willis.

So now I’m wondering if other dudes are looking at Alex now like he’s all “brave” and “courageous”, his contribution to “going ugly” for Oscar. You and I might be over here thinking, whatever, it’ll grow back. But I’m telling you. This is a thing for a lot of men. They’re out there looking at Alex like he just made a major sacrifice.