It’s an Oscar tradition: the Nominees Luncheon, where the nominees gather to congratulate each other and ostensibly put a pause on their campaign activities (as if) and take a class photo. But even in a room full of stars, one star seemed to be the star that everyone wanted time with. The big story coming out of yesterday’s event has to be Tom Cruise. 


Tom has remained pretty detached, at least in person, on the campaign circuit this season. He has also been pretty removed in general from Hollywood for years, spending more time in London than in LA and or always on set. So his presence, for most of the people in that room, was remarkable. I say that because they acted like it. All eyes were on Tom, everyone seemed to be moving towards Tom:

So this tweet here doesn’t seem like an exaggeration LOL: 


Speaking of hyperbole… I mean, listen to what Steven Spielberg (who directed Tom in War of the Worlds) said to him: 

Spielberg’s film, The Fabelmans, is up for Best Picture at the Oscars. So is Top Gun: Maverick. I doubt Steven and his supporters are going to vote for Top Gun…but Steven’s sentiments could reflect what a lot of other people in the industry think about Tom and Top Gun and the movie’s significance for the industry – and by extension Tom’s commitment to the theatrical distribution in the release of the movie. Tom will be receiving the David O Selznick Award at the Producers Guild of America Awards later this month. The producers can be quite influential among Academy voters. I’m not saying Top Gun: Maverick is a frontrunner for Best Picture. But I have been saying, since last May, that it has a shot. 

And the way Tom was received yesterday… well… he seems to have regained some of his lost popularity. Everyone wants to kiss the ring. Including Austin Butler who made it his mission to meet Tom: 


This is what Austin had to say about it afterwards: 

Not going to lie – Elvis and TG:M were two of my favourite movies of 2022. So this shot does not make me unhappy: 

Austin Butler and Tom Cruise attends the 95th Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton , in Beverly Hills, CA, Monday, Feb. 13, 2023. The Oscars will broacast on ABC, Sunday March 12, 2023

But the visual that made me happier didn’t involve Tom at all. It’s Austin with Colin Farrell and apparently the Best Actor nominee fashion trend is 80s gangster suits now: 


Austin wasn’t Tom’s biggest fanboy though. The biggest fanboy at the Nominees Luncheon was Best Supporting Actor nominee and our award season fan favourite, Ke Huy Quan. Here he is, the favourite to win in his category, and he’s losing his sh-t over all the famous people he’s going to meet. The most famous, of course, being Tom Cruise: 

Ke got his wish. He got his selfie with Tom. And everybody else. I love his lucky green velvet suit! I also love the shot of him with fellow Supporting Actor nominee Brian Tyree Henry who turned it out in a pale violet fit. 


You’ll note Angela Bassett is included in Ke Huy Quan’s carousel. Angela sat between Tom Cruise and Bill Nighy in the class photo, both of them holding onto her hands. 

In my mind, Bill’s telepathically saying to Angela, don’t worry… I won’t let Xenu take you. 

Can we talk about this queen though? Look at her! What an excellent wardrobe choice for this occasion. Angela Bassett will not be lost in this crowd. You will always be able to find her.