Amal Clooney is GOING for it. This is the most standout look we’ve seen today. Not that, um, she has much competition. This is not the Met Gala. But there are more eyeballs on this than the Met Gala. And clearly Amal wanted to be seen. How could you miss her? If not the colour than the hat. 

The Beckhams are talking to the Clooneys inside. They arrived around the same time. Victoria seemed like she was either in a funk or trying to contain her excitement. Which is what she always looks like. Not surprised to see Victoria dressed so...sedately. This has been her image the last few years. And I get it. But don’t you miss the old Posh? Wouldn’t it have been fun to see the old Posh on a day like this? the missing word. We should go back to what her mood seemed to be because, well, it was obvious, non? Maria is going to be worried.