Have you watched Tiger King yet? I feel like it’s the show of the moment. Does anybody care about Love is Blind anymore? Every three weeks or so, there’s a Netflix series that everyone is talking about, at least online. I’m sure that drives other streaming services and networks crazy. Anyway, the show that’s currently dominating the discussion – how much longer do you give it? Like a week? And if there was a scripted adaptation, who would play Joe Exotic and Doc Antle and Carole Baskin? 

Kate McKinnon will be starring in and producing a limited series based on seasons two of the Over My Dead Body podcast about Joe Exotic. She’s going to be Carole Baskin. Good choice. Others have been talking about Margot Robbie as Carole Baskin perhaps if there’s a film. Is Margot Robbie your film Carole Baskin? Margot’s great and everyone wants her in everything but she’s not my Carole. 

My Carole Baskin is Amanda Seyfried. Right? The hair, the eyes, the lips! Young Carole Baskin is Amanda Seyfried! 


Right?! I just googled to see if anyone else has thought of this and yes, it’s out there, so I’m not original but seriously, all due respect to Margot Robbie (and she’s not hurting for work, when the work resumes) but she can sit this one out. 

Here’s Margot with her husband, Tom Ackerley, out for groceries in LA yesterday.