According to Page Six Amber Heard and Sean Penn were seen out for dinner on Oscar weekend: 

The famous pair was spotted sharing dinner at A-list haunt the Tower Bar at the Sunset Tower Hotel over Oscar weekend, “Page Six TV” first revealed.
A fellow diner told us, “Amber Heard and Sean Penn looked like they were on a date. They shared a bottle of red wine and were flirty and intimate with each other, at times in deep conversation and at times laughing.”

Last time we checked on Amber’s love life, she’d broken up (again) with Elon Musk. Last time we checked on Sean Penn’s love life, he was still with Leila George, Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter. That was back in November. 

Amber is totally, totally Sean’s type. No further explanation required here for why she’s now been added to his blonde streak. Is he Amber’s type though? Where her male preferences are… yes. When Amber dates men, it would appear that she’s not interested in contemporaries. What do Johnny Depp, Elon Musk, and Sean Penn have in common? Older alphas – is that fair to say? Older alphas with dramatic romantic histories, “dramatic” being a strategically diplomatic word here.