There were a few looks I very much enjoyed last night, but this for me was the one that made me gasp – and the first time I saw it, it was from the waist up. America Ferrera in pink Versace, at the Oscars as a first time nominee for Best Supporting Actress in Barbie.


And what a bait and switch, is that what we call it? Because the expectation was for Margot Robbie, for her final stop in her Barbie era, to end with a grand flourish… which didn’t really happen. Instead it was America came in with Barbie’s signature colour, after all, she’s the nominee. And, if you want to get really meta about it, in the movie, at the end, Gloria’s actually more Barbie than Barbie, right? Gloria is the one who rediscovers her inner Barbie, while Barbie decides to no longer be Barbie. So, staying with the meta interpretation, Margot in black makes sense, at the end of award season, and America slaying in pink makes so much sense, too. 


If you’re going to mic drop it that way though, you better f-cking bring it. And OMG this dress, the way it was molded to her body! This piece was so perfectly formed for her it was like armour and liquid, hard and soft, a shell and a skin, the best thing she’s ever worn. The only way to react is to gasp! We’ll remember it for a long, long, long time. 

What’s forgettable, however, is the look at Vanity Fair – not giving. It doesn’t take away from the Versace, and I’m not mad at the fact that she and her stylist, Karla Welch, went alllll out on the Oscar look, but red was definitely inferior to pink on this night. Pink wins, if not the Oscar then definitely the carpet.