Enrique and Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are still together. Jacek and I go to the Dominican Republic every year. Julio Iglesias is known to spend a lot of time there. I am always looking for Enrique and Anna when I go there. Always. I don’t even know if they ever actually do go, I just know that I’m hoping they do. Because I have seen so many pictures of them making out on the beach, I feel like I’m destined to see it in person. According to Enrique, they still make out. A lot. (Dlisted) 

Amy Schumer is in a pregnancy-off with Meghan Markle. Which means she’ll have to be doing a LOT of belly-cupping. Will her gender reveal party be before Meghan’s? Will it be balloons or pink/blue cupcakes? Or cake filling. Or however the f-ck these things are revealed even though NOBODY CARES!!! (Cele|bitchy) 

God I love Tracee Ellis Ross so much. I love that she always comes to play. I love that she loves clothes and she has a sense of humour about clothes. Look at her in this glorious dress, posing gloriously. Every decision about this outfit is perfect – from the hair to the lip colour to the way she’s working those wings. Tracee forever and forever. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Sarah’s been the Jason Mantzoukas super fan on this site for years. She’s very excited that he’s going to be in John Wick 3. Now Kayleigh Donaldson is writing about Jason’s hotness. And I’m wondering whether or not Jason and Taika Waititi can somehow do something together and blow all our minds. (Pajiba) 

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are getting married. And he just bought them a home in LA. No fast flames here then, right? (TMZ) 

Bradley Whitford, Josh Lyman to some of us, is producing a show about a church choir. Duana just dropped everything. If ever there was a show made for Duana, it would be this one. I’m shocked she isn’t screaming down my phone right now, shouting at me in excitement. It’s coming though. I can feel it. (Vulture)