Ben Affleck celebrated his 48th birthday on Saturday with Ana de Armas but I guess it might as well have been his first, since it is the first birthday he’s had since they hooked up. And she clearly made it one to remember because she gifted him with this custom bike that was built from scratch by WYLD Garage Co.

Ben Affleck's custom bike from WYLD Garage Co

The owner of WYLD also posted a photo from what was presumably the gift presentation at Ben’s house:

The owner of WYLD's Instagram story with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

And of course Ben and Ana took it out for a spin wearing matching helmets. She also posted a photo of them together on her feed: 

As you can see, Ben looks… undeniably delighted. Practically giddy. Not practically, actually. He IS giddy. Imagine how puffy he must be right now. He’s in love with Ana de Armas and she clearly is in love with him. And on top of all that dude cred (ugh), she got him a motorcycle. Think of all the bro talk reaction coming out of this. 

Bro! Your girl got you a bike, bro! She’s a keeper!

Look, it’s not like I’m actively hoping to hear that kind of sh-t, but let’s not pretend it doesn’t exist. And that it’s not happening. 

By the way, a reader called Anna wrote to me and said that Chris Evans, Ana’s Knives Out costar, liked and then unliked the photo she posted with Ben for his birthday, lol. I don’t know that there’s anything to it other than what Anna speculated which is that Chris may have been overthinking his like. Which if that’s the case is kinda understandable because celebrities overthinking likes has a lot to do with everyone on social media analysing the f-ck out of likes. 

This, though, seems pretty innocent: Chris knows Ana de Armas, he knows Ben (Boston etc), and what else is there to it?