We are two days behind on Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas photos! The last time we checked in on Ben-Ana it was just after they’d spent part of Memorial Day weekend with his kids. Ana was seen the other day out with a friend and their baby and at one point, she was seen FaceTiming with Ben and the children. Another example of how well everyone is getting along and that, hopefully, this is a healthy relationship for everyone involved and adjacently involved. 


Ben and Ana were out with the dogs again yesterday, as happy as ever. And she continues to model new outfits. This time it’s tie dye, the trend that started last summer and is even more popular this year. I bought two tie dye tops and two tie dye dresses last year in June from ASOS and then I couldn’t stop. The best thing about it is that every retailer, at every price range, has tie dye right now, and a lot of it, in fact a lot of the cutest tie dye looks are super affordable. Ana’s set is from Aviator Nation which is on the pricier side but it doesn’t take much googling to find tie dye options that fit with a budget. Like check out this set from Amazon which I think is cuter than Ana’s and it’s $44 for both the top AND bottom! And if you don’t like that colour pattern, there are literally a dozen other options. 

Like many of you during the pandemic, I don’t have a lot of disposable income right now but at the same time, I’m shooting multiple times a day and going through my loungewear a lot faster through the week so the few clothing purchases I have made are joggers and t-shirts and sweatshirts, most of them tie dye, including the Amazon set I just linked to which, no, I’m not being paid for, I just feel like tie dye is one of the things that makes me happy during lockdown so maybe it’ll make you happy too? 


I also know people who are doing their own tie dye like my friend Liz Trinnear. 

You can watch Liz’s tie dye tutorial here. She’s wayyyyyy better at that sh-t than I am. And I’m waiting for her to send me one of her creations. 

This gossip fashion recommendation has been brought to you by elastic waistbands.