Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck were on holiday together in Cuba and then Costa Rica last week. They’re now both in Los Angeles and will probably be for a while as authorities warn against travel to contain the coronavirus outbreak, although there are some people on the beach (a lot of people, actually) in Florida who aren’t quite getting it. 

Anyway, here’s Ben in Brentwood yesterday to spend time with his children. Nearly all school districts are now closed in California and they are “unlikely” to be reopened before summer break. This, obviously, isn’t a problem for the wealthy but it’s yet another concern for families who don’t have childcare options and still have to go to work. And then on top of that, for all families, well, as one of my friends joked the other day, “I’m terrified – what am I going to do with my kids every minute all the time?” I heard from someone yesterday who was like, it’s been two days and I’ve run out of activities”. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes and tweets:  



I saw one where a parent put up sticky notes to make a schedule and, basically, it was all Netflix programming. Wonder how that’s working out with the Garner-Affleck children. 

Anyway, back to Ben and Ana – she posted this on Instagram last night and, of course, we’ve all already seen the paparazzi photos of them on this very beach taking photos of each other so it’s pretty safe to say that these shots of Ana are by Ben, how Ben sees Ana: 


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He is gone for this girl, seriously. And sorry. I couldn’t help it.