This feels nostalgic, to be posting about Ana de Armas, even though so much has changed. Last March though, seems like we were posting about her on a daily basis, when she and Ben Affleck were in lockdown together and going for dog walks and coffee runs. 


That was 2020. Ana’s kept a much lower profile in 2021, as her breakup with Ben was made public at the beginning of the year which, at the time, seemed like it might not be the total end, with sources saying that the feelings were still there, they were just at different points in their lives and careers. The more time passes though, is it less likely that they’ll be a part two? 

Part two is what people on social media were speculating about yesterday when Ana posted this on IG stories: 

Ana de Armas on Instagram stories

That’s the half heart she wore when she and Ben were in the good times, the early times. Each of them wore half a heart around their necks. So… does that mean… it’s back on? What’s good for gossip is not necessarily what’s good for the people being gossiped about. And besides, Ana shut it down with her next post: 

Ana de Armas on Instagram stories

I mean, sure, she could have been talking about anything. But given that that was what people were talking about, we can reasonably make the connection that she was telling us that we are wrong and stupid. Greatly appreciated, no joke. Too many gossip assumptions come out of social media. Ana’s made our jobs easier for us.

As for Ben, he’s been shooting The Tender Bar in Boston and evidently flying back to LA on weekends to see his kids. Here he is picking up his son from swimming lessons. Really enjoying this hair length on him. Another interesting sighting, especially if you’re into celebrity friendships – Christian Bale was seen leaving Ben’s this weekend too after paying him a visit. Just two Batmans hanging out on a Saturday.