We’ve heard a lot about delayed released and suspended productions over the last few days. Riverdale production has halted temporarily because of coronavirus and so has shooting on The Morning Show season two. As I mentioned yesterday, daytime and late night talk shows are no longer taping in front of live audiences. Mandy Moore tweeted about it:

I work on a talk show in Canada and today is our first day with an empty studio – at post time, we haven’t gone to air yet so I can’t yet speak to how it feels but I anticipate it’s going to be weird AF and thank you for responding to my question in yesterday’s What Else? about whether or not you want us to talk inside baseball on the next episode of Show Your Work on how we are adjusting our processes to accommodate the change. Many of you are into it. So we’ll get into it. Duana wondered whether or not it’ll be old news by the time our episode comes out (Wednesday) and if that’s the case, well, that would be amazing because it would mean that the situation is improving! What are the chances?!? 

There is a project that, as of yesterday, was still underway – Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tick, Tick…Boom! is still filming in New York. Here’s a shot of Andrew Garfield on set yesterday. He looks relaxed as he’s chatting with a crew member. 

As Sarah’s been saying in her posts about how the coronavirus is affecting the entertainment industry, it’s important to keep people safe. At the same time, this could have profound effects on thousands of people and their livelihoods. Many people have already been laid off and it can already be an unpredictable business. Yes, yes, I know TV and movies aren’t important – but feeding families is important, and this a major concern for a lot of people. That this crew is still working then means probably more than we know. 

Also attached - more shots of Andrew and Lin on set earlier this week in New York.