Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne used to live together, when they were struggling actors. And during that time, the early part of their careers, Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson were around a lot and they hung out often. Three out of the four of them were photographed this weekend so that’s why I’m lumping them together in this post. 


We’ll start in Paris at the Loewe show where Andrew rocked up looking excellent in a red sweater with a coat thrown stylishly around his shoulders. Andrew had a pretty light schedule after wrapping on We Live in Time with Florence Pugh during the first part of 2023. There was the strike, of course, but he hasn’t been on set since that ended. That’s not to say he doesn’t have projects in development but he did say after the award season run of tick, tick…BOOM! that he needed a break. And for the most part he seems to be sticking to that. 


Jamie Dornan was also at Loewe with his wife Amelia Warner. He’s a brand ambassador. But he’s also making headlines because of a wild health scare. Jamie’s friend, Gordon Smart, has been on press tour and recounted just today how he and Jamie and a group of friends were on holiday in Portugal recently when he and Jamie started experiencing heart attack symptoms. And the reason: processionary caterpillars. Apparently if you come into contact with them it can be lethal?! And they encountered the caterpillars on the golf course… which… the wrong thing to say to a hypochondriac like me who plays golf! I am never f-cking golfing in Portugal, WTF.


And finally, Robert Pattinson, seen here on a coffee run in LA. Last week he and Suki Waterhouse were photographed after dinner with Chris Evans and Alba Baptista and also Adrien Brody and Georgina Chapman. I didn’t get a chance to post about this because of the traffic jam of award shows but it’s an interesting new celebrity friend circle to emerge. I get RP and Chris Evans but how does Adrien Brody fit in there? 

Also attached from the Loewe Show – Taylor Russell looking sublimely dramatic, Zayn Malik (who also attended the Valentino presentation), and the guy that used to be Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.