I posted yesterday about Andrew Garfield and Alyssa Miller and the rumours about their breakup but maybe-not breakup. The UK tabloids first reported that they were no longer together, but then she posted on Instagram

… so then everyone was like, oh, she’s shutting down the rumours. But as I wrote in my post, I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was a confirmation that they were still on because, like I said, there’s a difference between “I love you, AG” and “love you AG” without the “I”. And would they really go IG Official while addressing breakup rumours? It’s bad juju. But also, she’d never posted a shot with him before and doing it now kinda felt more like a farewell than a coming out. All of which contributed to the skepticism – and it turns out the skepticism was justified because PEOPLE reported exclusively yesterday that Andrew and Alyssa are indeed done and it was done a month ago. Their source has no further details other than to say that the two “remain friendly”. 

But you know how you know now? As I’ve heard from fans who’ve been emailing me the last couple of days, IG behaviour says a lot. Alyssa and Andrew’s friends and stylist apparently stopped interacting on IG a few weeks ago. And then, following her Instagram post with Andrew, two of his close friends unfollowed her. (Thank you to a reader called “C” who tipped me off about this.) That’s a sure sign that things are going south and a much better read of IG than a post on the feed.