Sarah posted earlier about most the f-ckery with the BAFTA nominations announced today. Let’s not forget that the BAFTAs were trashed last year when all the winners were white. Michelle Yeoh, the legend, had to sit through the whole ceremony and watch all that whiteness – which is why she decided to skip the afterparty and order in Malaysian food instead. A takeout queen!


Which brings us to this year. As Sarah noted, so much of this mess makes no sense. It’s amazing that Teo Yoo has been recognised, for example, in the Best Actor category – over Leonardo DiCaprio, no less! But how do you single out Teo but leave Greta Lee off the ballot? 


And for those who are all like, yeah, well it’s too many contenders and so few spots, I would buy that more if it was consistent. Let’s take Saltburn, for example. It was nominated for Outstanding British Film. And all three cast members, Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, and Rosamund Pike were singled out for acting nominations. I’m thrilled to see Rosamund on that list… 


But I’m not so thrilled that the same did not apply to All of Us Strangers. Because Paul Mescal and Claire Foy were both nominated in the supporting categories, and Andrew Haigh was nominated for Best Director (over Emerald Fennell’s for Saltburn!!!) but the lead in his film, Andrew Scott, was somehow shut out of the Best Actor category… WHAT THE F-CK??!? 

It’s a horrible look because All of Us Strangers has been called a love letter to the queer community. And the one queer cast member, who is the main character, is NOT nominated?! The math really aint mathing. As Sarah put it: 

“Particularly with those nominations, I don’t know how you separate romantic pairings. What is Teo’s performance without Greta Lee? Or Paul’s without Andrew Scott? The chemistry is everything!”


Lily Gladstone, 100%, is the biggest snub from the BAFTA nominations today. Lily, however, is a SAG nominee and still has a very good shot at the Oscar nomination. Andrew Scott, on the other hand, the BAFTA was his best chance, considering that All of Us Strangers is a British film, and not by a technicality either like the others that Sarah mentioned previously. Unlike Lily, it is quite unlikely that Andrew will be contending for any other major awards. How is Jacob Elordi a BAFTA nominee and not Andrew Scott?! Paul Mescal knows how rude this is. 

Attached – Andrew was at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris on Tuesday.