Angelina Jolie was photographed at the supermarket in LA with three of her kids this weekend. We’ve seen her often with her kids since she and Brad Pitt broke up. We have not seem him with his kids. And he can’t see his kids without the presence of a supervising therapist. That used to be a bad look on him. But, amazingly, he’s been able to spin it to his advantage giving us two options to explain why: you don’t see him with his kids because 1. he’s more concerned for their privacy than their famewhoring c-nt of a mother or 2. that bitch won’t let him see his kids. 

Even the way these photos are being described doubles down on this messaging. By TMZ, of course. The Man Zone for gossip. Here’s how they’ve worded it:

Angelina Jolie has returned to the U.S. with her kids, and the reason is simple ... she was ordered to do so by the judge in her divorce case.

Angelina was shopping Sunday in WeHo with 3 of her kids at Whole Foods.
According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Angelina was ordered to return with the kids Saturday. According to the judge's order, Brad Pitt has a right to custody of the kids for no less than 4 hours every other day on school days and 12 hours every other day on non-school days.

Brad and Angelina are due back in an L.A. court this week to hammer out more custody issues. The judge is waiting for a custody evaluation by at least one psychiatrist. In the meantime, the judge indicated he will deal with temporary custody issues while he waits for the report.

That’s a shot of her with her children picking up some food, and they look relaxed and happy, but the story TMZ is presenting here is that she was ordered to be there, implication being she was doing it against her will, that it’s something she’s been resisting …because of course she’s unreasonable, hostile, and combative. Angelina is even losing the narrative in pap shots these days. 

One more narrative: she’s a golddigger, which is the subtext of the last story TMZ posted about her, that Angelina is asking Brad for child support because they didn’t sign a pre-nup and now she’s taking advantage of that because Brad’s always been worth more than her, even though she’s rich in her own right. 

It’s the new Fatal Attraction. Plays right into the MiniVan Majority and men’s rights perspective. The hot piece of ass you want to have an affair with is dangerous. She’ll go after your kids and she’ll go after your money while you stand around innocently, enjoying your drink, maybe roughing up your son a little bit, as long as you give us reason to call her the devil, nobody will remember all the times you f-cked up.