Both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence were at the premiere of Faces Places last night in LA. Faces Places is an award-winning documentary directed by the acclaimed Agnes Varda and also JR. Angelina Jolie is very selective about the events she attends in Hollywood. Anytime she shows up anywhere it’s a story, the pictures get out there. The event gets a boost. I’m guessing here that’s she’s there out of respect for Agnes Varda, as you can see from the deference she’s showing in these photos.

There are, however, as far as I can see, no photos of Angelina and Jennifer together. A logical explanation for this might be that they came at different times. Another explanation is that this is often how Hollywood works. They know their currency. They know the value of what a photo of like that would be. And how it would be talked about, how I (with emphasis) would talk about it, how we would talk about it.

OMMGGGGGG Angelina & Jennifer! What did they talk about? Are they best friends? And this, obviously, wasn’t the point of them showing up.

Still. We Gossip Genie romances a lot. We don’t often Gossip Genie friendships. Would you like to Gossip Genie this friendship with me, please? Oh wait. Would Angelina encourage or discourage Jen’s relationship with Darren Aronofsky?

PS. Faces Places is currently in select theatres in select cities. It has a good score on Rotten Tomatoes. As in a 100% fresh rating. But, to Sarah’s point, people can’t find it. She wrote about this a couple of weeks ago, about the availability and accessibility of films and how blaming Rotten Tomatoes is, once again, totally simplifying the dilemma.