Holiday season is party season and it’s definitely party season in Hollywood. Seems like there’s a premiere or a screening or a launch every other night this time of year. Angelina Jolie isn’t usually on that circuit but she did step out last night to attend a Guerlain event, which makes sense since she’s a brand ambassador. Other celebrities in attendance included Sofia Richie, Kate Bosworth, and Wiz Khalifa. I would love to have seen Angelina making small-talk with Wiz. 


Angelia is coming off the Eternals promotional tour. There’s been all kinds of talk about whether or not Eternals is a success, given that the reviews were medium and the box office isn’t, like, Avengers bonkers. The truth is, it’s doing fine. It’s approaching $300 million worldwide, and will likely get close to $400 million over the next couple of weeks which should be enough for a sequel. Well, they promised a sequel at the end of the movie anyway. 

I finally saw Eternals a few days ago and while it is indeed uneven, as Sarah wrote in her review, like Sarah there are so many things I enjoyed about it. The Eternals’ family chemistry is great – and so much more compelling than the conflict with the Deviants. I loved the end scene between Angelina and Brian Tyree Henry, her mischief and his dad energy, I wish there were more moments like it. But what I 100% definitely and desperately need more of are Makkari and Druig. I am obsessed. And I’m not alone. This is the Eternals couple that people are shipping. The flirty moment between them over the tablet? When Druig signs “did you miss me” at her, no lie, I swooned. I think I might go back to the theatre to see the movie again just for that scene. MILES better than the Icarus and Sersei love scene. GIVE US A MAKKARI-DRUIG LOVE SCENE!!! This is the reason for the sequel!


And did you know that it wasn’t written like that originally? Makkari and Druig only happened on set, Chloe Zhao has explained, because Lauren Ridloff and Barry Keoghan just started vibing off each other. Chloe is actually Makkari and Druig aka Drukkari stan #1: 

As for Angelina though – MEGA SPOILER ALERT – I refuse to believe that it was an accident that she was in the mid-credit scene with Harry Styles. He’s supposed to be the f-ckboy Eternal. And there was definitely some sizzle between them, non? 

Seriously how long do we have to wait for this sequel? Because, for me at least, the anticipation is there.