Oh, right. It’s summer movie season soon. Which is why there are so many trailers. I just haven’t been in that mindset because I’ve spent over a year in lockdown so the usual markers of time aren’t a thing for me anymore. But here we are, approaching summer 2021 as studios are now rolling out promotion for the titles that will kick off blockbuster period. And that’s where we find Angelina Jolie, back in action mode. 


It’s been a while, right? Since we’ve seen Action Angelina? Action Angelina isn’t a new Angelina. Tomb Raider, of course, but Wanted and Salt and, yes, Mr & Mrs Smith. Action Angelina is coming in May – here’s the first trailer for Those Who Wish Me Dead, based on Michael Koryta’s novel of the same name:


When it was initially announced that Angelina Jolie was negotiating to be in this film, I posted about what we may see from her under the direction of Taylor Sheridan who also wrote the screenplay. This looks like an action thriller but if you know his work, you know that his stories are always grounded in character study. So while Those Who Wish Me Dead is going to have that big moment feel with explosions and fire etc, there will undoubtedly be much more here than rescue and escape and murder. We’re already being told in the trailer that Angelina’s character is still processing past trauma. And from there she’s now trying to protect this kid who’s on the run from some bad guys. Pretty sure Taylor Sheridan will be taking this to a much more interesting place. 


And if you’re familiar with his previous films and series, you probably agree? Have you ever had a conversation with a Hell or High Water fan? Or Yellowstone? You know who recently became a Yellowstone convert? Sasha, the person I would have least expected to be into Yellowstone because I thought, like me, she wasn’t a movie western person. But she’s out here these days talking about how obsessed she is, and that tracks with Taylor Sheridan stans. That’s also why Taylor’s been able to steadily build the Yellowstone Universe. Last time I checked there were already two spinoffs in the works and so much more. 

Anyway, my point is, the combination of Angelina and Taylor Sheridan is super intriguing and my guess is that working with him had to be a factor for her taking this role in terms of putting her back into an action setting. As obsessed as the fans are about Taylor Sheridan’s projects, Hollywood is almost even more reverential. This might end up being a significant move on her part when we look back in three to five years. Those Who Wish Me Dead opens in theatres and premieres on HBO Max on May 13. Hopefully it’ll be PVOD on the same day in other territories including Canada.