Angelina Jolie stepped out for opening night of The Outsiders on Broadway last night. And it has been a minute since we’ve seen Angelina on a red carpet. 


So this was announced a few months ago, that Angelina had come on board as a producer, with daughter Vivienne joining as a volunteer assistant. So they’re both representing the show on that carpet as official members of The Outsiders team. And of course both bringing attention to the production which is also part of the job. 


Angelina wore a gold dress underneath a coppery cape and I wonder if this is an Atelier Jolie design. So far, at the time of this writing, there’s no ID on her fit and it’s a lovely fit, very much in her wheelhouse, but honestly? It’s not the fit! It’s her FACE! A face we’ve been looking at for almost 30 years and, as the kids say, her face card never declines. 

Where fashion is concerned though, I’m actually more into Vivienne’s look… because she’s theme dressing. If you know The Outsiders, this is Greasers-coded. This is Sodapop at the gas station. As Angelina said on the carpet last night, Vivienne is the theatre kid of the family. She would know this musical, and probably the film, and maybe even the book, backwards and forwards, because that is theatre kid energy – nerdy and… often…a know-it-all, endearingly. 


Seeing her in these coveralls, then, is pretty f-cking cute. A true theatre kid always dresses to theme.

Vivienne is now 15 years old, turning 16 in June. She was in Maleficent with her mother when she was a toddler. So, you might say, it was an early start to her career in the family business. And yet, right now at least, she’s clearly more interested in the stage, and understanding theatre from behind the scenes which, from what I’ve observed, only adds to the obsession. In theatre, once you go backstage, you’re most likely hooked for life.