Angelina Jolie took daughters Zahara and Shiloh shopping at Kitson yesterday. KITSON. Is it 2005? How long has it been since we’ve mentioned Kitson?! As you can see, from these photos, there’s nothing to suggest that World War Brange has been happening for weeks now. Which, of course, is the idea here. 

Brad Pitt sources have been dispatched to talk about what an asshole Angelina has been through the process and that she may or may not be jealous of Amal Clooney. Angelina’s answer has been to step out almost every day, accompanied by the children, showing us that she’s the one who spends the most time with them, and she’s the one they have such a good time with. As we know, she knows how to play the game too. And, for the most part, until World War Brange, Angelina has always been on the winning side of this PR game. 

Lately though, she’s lost a lot of ground to Brad. He has TMZ on his side, he has Page Six on his side. Speaking of… I’m surprised TMZ hasn’t given us an update on what happened at the hearing yesterday. A court hearing was scheduled to work out the divorce and custody situation and since TMZ has been Brad’s unofficial divorce publicist, I was expecting to hear by now how it either all worked out in Brad’s favour or at least a spin on how it could all work out in his favour. Perhaps they’re still drafting the language around it. Note though that Angelina stepped out yesterday, on the day that it was happening, maybe because her kids needed to get some back-to-school shopping done but also, perhaps, to front like she’s unbothered by it all, that she’s not the bitter c-nt that’s been described to us by Brad’s connections recently. How much longer are these two going to go back and forth?