PEOPLE gave us the exclusive yesterday, the “real” reason behind Brad Pitt’s trip to France last week, when he was seen hooking up with model Nicole Poturalski – apparently he was there to ready the release of Chateau Miraval’s new rosé champagne and not just to spend time with his lover in his former family home. 


German newspaper Bild has new photos of Brad at his estate and is reporting that Nicole was only with him for a few days, leaving on Friday before the weekend: 

The shot of him in that tractor – is it a tractor? – is pretty hilarious. He works on his own vineyards, everybody. He didn’t just spend five days f-cking a hot young model, OK? This is a man who works the soil with his bare hands. So when you taste the champagne, you should be imagining Brad’s fingers squeezing the grapes. Oscar-winning fingers!

Now that there’s been so much gossip about his new romance (can we call it “new” if they met in November and Nicole’s been dropping hints on IG about them dating through the winter? It’s new to us but over six months isn’t new), and not all of it has been glowing, I wonder how Team Brad will pivot out of this headline? You know the quickest and easiest way to pivot out of it? Recruiting Jennifer Aniston. 


Looking back on award season, Brad did not seem to mind at all that people were believing in a Brad and Jen reunion, especially after seeing them backstage at the SAG Awards: 

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston attend the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 19, 2020 in Los Angeles, California


This was exactly the right kind of gossip, as untrue as it was, to smooth his way to the Oscar stage. And there happens to be another award show coming up: the Emmys, on September 20. Both Brad and Jen are nominated. As reported last week, they’re running 140 live feeds into Staples Center for the broadcast as nominees will be on standby from home, or hotels, or at Elon Musk’s place, or wherever it is that they can get the best internet connection. 


Nothing will elicit a bigger jizz during that show than if Brad and Jen somehow showed up together for a bit. I mean I wouldn’t do it if I were her – she doesn’t need him anymore and she definitely doesn’t need him to win but, you know, if he’s desperate enough to distract people from paying attention to his situation with Nicole, that could be a card in his deck. 

While Brad’s trying to get you to buy his champagne and care that he’s still got it enough to romance a young hot model, but not too much that you think badly of him for taking the young hot model to the place where he married his ex-wife and where she nursed their twins, Angelina’s with one of those twins at the pet store, not pressed. Here are some shots of Angie with Vivienne on the weekend. 

In case you missed it, she also appeared in ABC’s Tribute for a King honouring Chadwick Boseman on Sunday night as a member of the MCU’s Eternals: 


All of this is consistent with what she’s been doing the last few years – advocating for refugees, victims of domestic violence, for children and families affected by the pandemic, working with Disney, honouring the passing of an icon, and hanging out with her kids. No other headlines, no romantic entanglements. The only titillating headlines associated with Angelina Jolie ever is Brad Pitt and their ongoing divorce disputes, and the leaks that they’ve been countering each other with. The coverage about her, however, always tells a different story. Is it really Angie who brings the drama though? Or is it HIM?