Angelina Jolie is not on social media. But, no doubt, she must have some understanding about how it works, or at least what its influence is, especially since she has teenagers at home. Angelina has now started work on Maleficent 2 in England with Elle Fanning. And here’s what Elle posted, back to back, on Instagram about an hour ago: 


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As Elle says, it’s a classic mom photobomb, down to the peace sign, only this particular mom happens to be one of the most famous women in the world. The post has already generated more likes than Elle averages. So a bonus for Elle, for sure, but also…maybe… for Angelina? 

I like this Angelina (I like most Angelinas), the one who’s hiding behind her co-star in a selfie, the one who’s laughing in full makeup and costume headgear by their trailers – the idea here is that if these were the shots that were “postable”, what are the moments that aren’t “postable”, that may be even more fun and silly and light? 

In the weeks that immediately followed Jennifer Aniston’s split from Justin Theroux, she was showing up a lot on her friends’ social media accounts – at parties and dinners, on holiday, and while getting ready. As I noted at the time, intentional or not (almost always intentional, right?), it was a way for Jen to show that she wasn’t moping around in sadness. Jen is part of that Hollywood circle though, she runs with the Gwyneths and the Reeses and Jennifer Meyer etc etc etc. She has access to that kind of unofficial spin if she wants it. Angelina, on the other hand, does not roll with the Blonde Hollywood Moms. But here, with Elle, unintentional or not, is a good opportunity to pop in and give us an update on how she’s doing. 

How IS she doing? Well, there have been several reports over the last week or so about how she and Brad Pitt have still not yet finalised the divorce because they cannot agree on custody. Specifically, supposedly, Angelina wants to have the children with her when she’s out of the country – like right now, as she’s working on Maleficent 2 in England – and he wants them to remain in LA. She was just seen with Shiloh and Knox at Legoland Windsor a few days ago. New photos of him smiling (in a pair of great shoes) were published around the same time. So how long before he shows up on, like, Ryan Reynolds’s Instagram? Don’t yell at me about spoilers! It’s been two weeks!