Check out Angelina Jolie yesterday hanging out at her kids’ karate class. She was seen sitting among other parents, waiting patiently for the hour to be over. If this were you, if you had a child who happened to be enrolled in karate with one of Angelina’s kids, would you go over and sit with her? What would you open with? I have no idea. I’ve never done it. Do you compliment the other person’s child? “Oh I see your Claudia has a really strong round kick!” 

As you can see, Angelina passed the time reading a magazine. Also a parenty thing to do…but kinda old school? I feel like most parents have phones now and they’d be texting or browsing or on Instagram. I wish I could make out the cover. Definitely isn’t a celebrity tabloid. Maybe it’s just something that was sitting around that she just picked up and started flipping through. Or maybe she was super organized and tucked some reading material from home into her tote before she left. I always have a book with me. A book is actually a great way to not have to talk to people. I used to always take a book to Jacek’s hockey games and pretty soon he knew to stop asking me if I saw his assist or goal. Is it the same for kids? Are you a bad parent if you miss seeing one of your kids’ key moves? Do the other parents judge you if you’re not paying attention? 

Also… just me or does she look REALLY beautiful in these photos?