Angelina Jolie was in Paris yesterday to do some work with Guerlain. She spent two hours at the flagship store reportedly doing a photo shoot. Angelina showed up in a beautiful long coat, carrying a white Dior bag, and when she initially arrived, there wasn’t all that much activity outside the store but… 


Word got out that she was there. And by the time she was leaving, well, it was a scene. Like a LOT of people made their way to shoppe and, here, take a look at this crowd:


I don’t think anyone was prepared for it to get that intense. Her visit wasn’t advertised, but on social media, news of her presence spread so quickly, and then people actually decided to wait outside, and then more people stopped to see what all the fuss was about and when they found out it was Angelina, of course they stayed. 


It's not known right now how Guerlain will use the images from this photo shoot, whether it’s for a new campaign or another initiative. And obviously there’s no timeline. So, after this, professionally it’ll likely continue to be low-key and quiet for Angelina for the foreseeable future. She’s in post-production for Without Blood, the film she directed starring Salma Hayek and Demian Bechir last summer. No release date has been announced so if it’s this year, it’ll likely be the back half. There are also several acting projects in pre-production or development which means those won’t screen for a while. This is someone who has, over the last decade or more, become more and more intentional and selective about her work and her celebrity. And yet, as evidenced by the scene in Paris last night, her star power has not diminished. She remains one of the biggest movie stars of our time.