I put them in alphabetical order for the title but we’ll kick this post off with Gwyneth Paltrow since she was an award winner last night at the CFDAs with the Innovation Award for Goop. She told the media that receiving the honour feels “validating” which is bad news for all of us because it’s basically a green light for her to keep doing her f-cksh-t. And yet, at the same time, none of that should be surprising for anyone who’s been following Gwyneth her entire career. Somehow she always ends up on stage with a trophy in her hand. 


To accept her award, Gwyneth wore black – G Label, her own brand, dripping in her signature smug quiet luxury. The turtleneck over the high waisted pencil skirt is a great look on her, makes her look extra tall, and extra rich, and it’s basically her way of being all like, I’ll let the rest of you girls go all out in your feathers and sequins, this is just me in my classics. She put in the required amount of effort, and not an ounce more. Well, maybe a little more effort in her hair. 

Which is why it was so great to see Teyana Taylor giving us the exact opposite in and with Christopher John Rogers. Christopher John Rogers has been one of the most exciting designers to emerge over the last decade and was previously known for big bright patterns…but is moving in a fresh new direction. 


All black and drama but you can see he’s kept retained the spirit of his colour signature with the rainbow buttons. She looks incredible…and this HAIR! 


I also love the designer pairing of Greta Lee and Jonathan Anderson, winner of the CFDA’s International Designer of the Year award. We just saw Jonathan show up for Greta last week at the Past Lives screening in London and now she returns the favour in New York. She’s wearing his design, obviously, and we’ve seen her supporting him in the front row at Loewe and fronting the Loewe campaign so, as we get deeper into award season, I wonder just how much JW Anderson and or plus Loewe Greta will be wearing. Like at the Gothams later this month, will it once again be Loewe or his own label? It’s working beautifully on her. This wide neck gold trim black dress is exquisite. 

My favourite look of the night, however, belonged to Anne Hathaway, as she and stylist Erin Walsh continue to f-cking bring it. The Ralph Lauren denim two-piece on the red carpet? Denim and Bulgari, it’s perfect. It’s so perfect. This is a fashion event – it’s not the time to play it safe, why play it safe and boring on a night when everyone there presumably gets it? 


So Annie went for it, and it paid off BIG. Which, you can tell by the body language, her confidence, she is feeling herself and she should. 


Also I have never, ever loved her hair more than I do now. Her hair has really become a main character this year. 

PS. Anne was announced as the host of the CFDAs just a few days ago when Sarah Jessica Parker had to drop out for unknown reasons. Not sure if she was always meant to attend but if it wasn’t on her schedule, this means that she and Erin pulled it all together fast. She changed into a second, less interesting, dress later on in the evening.