Anne Hathaway is currently promoting Serenity, in theatres January 25, co-starring Matthew McConaughey. The film was originally supposed to be out last September. Then it got pushed to October. And now it lives in January, not usually a good time for movie releases. The industry is trying to change that and there have been some successes. Glass, for example, opens this weekend, and while the reviews haven’t been all that positive, there’s a cult following for the Unbreakable franchise, and some people have been waiting almost 20 years to complete the story. Mostly though, a January movie isn’t good news, especially not for two Oscar winners who were supposed to be promoting this in the fall, when many prestige films typically roll out. 

It may be that Serenity is terrible. Or it may be that it’s hard to categorise which means it’s hard to market. And, yes, this happens too in the business – great films struggle to find audiences because nobody can figure out how to sell it. Annie said as much on Instagram yesterday in an appeal to the audience to not ignore her film: 


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She repeated this on Jimmy Kimmel last night when he asked her what Serenity is about after explaining that they’d had a hard time securing a clip because every scene, apparently, gives something away. And since she couldn’t say much about the story, she decided to show us her Matthew McConaughey impression instead. As Jimmy points out, everyone has a McConaughey impression: “alright, alright, alright”. Anne calls that an “entry”. That’s a junior level McConaughey impression. A more advanced impression would be what she does – she might not have the accent or sound exactly like him but she gets the diction, the emphasis in pronunciation, and the unique spirit of the McConaughey soliloquy. 


It’s good, right? 

And this suit is really good. Notice the pattern on the buttons match that one flap on the left side of the jacket. Annie just convinced me to go see her movie.