If you’re new to this, we have an annual tradition here at LaineyGossip. I think maybe this is our 15th year? Correctly predict the most winners in the 24 Oscar categories and win a designer bag. This year should be easy…right? 

The acting categories are locked up. Renee Zellweger, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, and Laura Dern will be taking home Oscars and if it so happens that one of them does not, it qualifies as a HUGE upset, like one of the biggest upsets in Oscar history, that’s how certain it looks in those categories. 

Beyond acting though, no one can say for sure, really. Picture and Director could very well split. Other categories look unpredictable. So do your homework, think it through, you have about 48 hours from the time this gets posted to submit your Oscar ballot. OK but don’t take too long, because in the event of a tied score, the winner will be determined by the entry that came in first. 

You are playing for…

A Valentino bag. 


Look at it. It’s a beauty, non? I love this colour – and for those of you who’ve been visiting this site over the years, you may recall that when I pick these bags every year for this contest, I try to go with a neutral. But Valentino’s not the label for black, you know? Valentino is colour, it’s bold, it’s a statement. But a CLASSIC statement. 

This bag is a classic. It will never not be a classic. And you can dress it up or down. Cocktail dress? No problem. Jeans and a sweater or a blazer? Also no problem. Jeans, a white tee, and sneakers? YES. 

And it’s a great size. Not too big but not too small that you can’t fit a tablet in there. I’m already jealous of the winner. Are you the winner? 

If you would like to enter, click here to visit the contest page and don’t miss the eligibility guidelines. Full details and rules are available via the contest page. One entry per email address and you cannot modify your selections once submitted.  Deadline for ballots is midnight pacific time on Saturday. Good luck!