Dear Gossips,

Tomorrow is Halloween. I’m never all that excited about Halloween but I am excited about the Queen’s Halloween. Because there is one legend who does Halloween better than anyone else – that would be our Queen, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. She has now trained us, every year, to wait for her Halloween drop. Every year it gets more and more epic. You remember last year, right? Last year was it was “Phoni Braxton” and Flo-Jo…


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Or so we thought. 

Last year was also Lisa Bonet…


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…but she only gifted that to us on her website in her “Your B at 37” birthday package almost a year later. We had no idea that there was a third costume. Because, as we know by now, Beyoncé is an archiving hoarder. She holds on to sh-t, patiently, and only lets us see what she’s been doing when she decides to sprinkle out a few crumbs. 

Who will B be this year? How many will B be? Will the twins, Rumi and Sir, be involved this year? The Blue Ivy Carter is often involved in the family Halloween portrait. How long before her siblings join? How far in advance does Beyoncé plan Halloween? Can this please be a documentary? 


While we wait for Beyoncé to make Halloween, here’s my favourite celebrity Halloween 2019 costume so far: Gabrielle Union as her own character in Bring It On. It’s been almost 20 years. AND SHE LOOKS THE SAME!


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Yours in gossip,