One of the most memorable looks at the forgettable Golden Globes this year was Anya Taylor-Joy in that green Dior. As I said at the time, she was unreal – and, of course, styled by Law Roach: 


I don’t think that Anya has officially been named a Dior ambassador but clearly she and the label are developing a solid relationship because she was at the Dior Cruise presentation in Athens yesterday in, naturally, a Grecian gown that, to me, wouldn’t be all that special except for the fact that she’s the one wearing it. Major Helen of Troy vibes happening here. 

In other Anya related news, Emmys campaigning is in full swing. The nominations are just under a month away and while I know it seems like Anya’s been nominated and won everything already, The Queen’s Gambit was actually released after the Emmys in 2020 so it’s eligible for contention this year and, of course, she has to be considered one of the favourites. This is why she and Josh O’Connor (they worked together on Emma.) participated in Variety’s TV Actors on Actors series. The Crown, also, is up for Emmys since season four came out in November 2020. 


One of the big takeaways for me in this discussion is Anya’s schedule. Since The Queen’s Gambit, she is getting sent EVERYTHING – but she was already on the top of everyone’s list before the whole world binged that series. One of the big projects she’s signed on to is George Miller’s Furiosa prequel. She will play the character that Charlize Theron made famous and while they haven’t started shooting yet, she mentions to Josh that she’s currently on a break until August and then she’ll be working back-to-back-to-back until 2023. That’s two straight years, and remember she’s already coming off back-to-back-to-back with Emma., Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho, and The Queen’s Gambit. This is the thing about being the Person of the Moment: everything that everyone wants is coming at you, and part of showing your work is deciding when, well, to not work. I’m interested to see how Anya manages this over the next few years. 


You know, last week when I wrote about Madonna and her biopic, I thought about who she’d want to cast to play her. And Anya’s was the first name that came to mind. Again, she’s coming to mind for almost every project right now and I can’t imagine Madonna wouldn’t want that hype factor. The fact that Anya can also sing (she sings in Last Night in Soho) is an added bonus. That’s not to say I think she should do it, I’m just throwing it out there…can you see it?